SUMMARY: Errors when doing shutdown

From: Ken Malone (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 16:14:20 CDT

Greetings Mgrs,

My apologies for the tardiness in sending this back but I wanted to try a
few things before I did.


>>Whenever I do a shutdown on our newly upgraded Solaris 2.5 sparc5 (from
>>Solaris 2.4), I get the message:
>>showmount: scholastica: RPC: Program not registered
>>This also is the results of giving the showmount command manually.
>>There is no /etc/rmtab file and the are no NFS mounted file systems.
>>/etc/dfs/dfstab has no uncommented lines.
>>We are running neither NIS nor NIS+... only DNS.


There were many responces saying it is normal and not to worry.
That is good to hear but I am still a little confused.
One interesting responce from saying the following:

>Sounds like vold or the automounter have been killed and have loopback
>mounts on the host. Whilst the machine is running, check /etc/mnttab
>for pid's of the automounter/vold. If you don't need them, move the
>scripts under /etc/rc2.d to somewhere else.

I looked in /etc/mnttab and, sure enough, found:

scholastica:vold(pid219) /vol nfs ignore,noquota,dev=2880001

This is, I assume, the "loopback mount". Getting rid of vold seems like a
crude way of solving the problem. Is there another way to keep vold from
mounting its host machine ? Should this be sent to Sun as a bug report ?


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