SUMMARY: going from sun4c to sun4m

From: David Steiner (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 01:49:01 CDT

I am often amazed by the response time from this group.
The sun never sets on the Unix empire. ;-)

First of all, thanks to the following for responding (thanks, too, to anyone
who may have responded after I sent this out):

Bruce Cheng
Sean Beeg
Benjamin Cline
Steve Ehrhardt
Richard C. Gaine III
Ray Brownrigg
Jane Medefesser
Kevin W. Thomas
Glenn Satchell

The question (paraphrased):

- Can I simply simply re-install the kvm and kvm/sys file systems, kernel,
  boot block, etc. on a sun4c HD and expect it to work on a sun4m?

- Can I give my new machine the same hostname as the old one (R.I.P.)?

A few of the above said that they either saw no problem with my plan or had
done pretty much the same thing (with varying degrees of success).
*However*, almost everyone agreed that I would probably be better off doing
a new install and then reconfiguring the machine to match the old one. In
the Zen of the Unix world, the path of least resistance often is not.

As for the hostname, pretty much everyone agreed that transferring the
hostname to the new machine was not only no problem but would definitely
make things easier in the long run.

I think that I will take the safe way out and do the clean install and re-
configuration. Luckily, I still have my notes from the upgrade that I did
on the old machine a month or two ago.

If there is anyone out there who may be interested in
the alternate method and would like to know how others accomplished it,
let me know and I will forward the appropriate responses.

Thanks again to all.

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