SUMMARY: PCNFS - mounting a SUN drive onto a PC

From: Sanjay Gowda (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 20:01:08 CDT

Thanks Guys!


Benjamin Cline <>
Jim Faust <>
Dave McFerren <>
Michael S. Fischer <>

Thank you for responding to my questions. Here is my question
and the consensus of what I have received so far. I have
to learn to use the proper terminology!

My question:

I am trying to mount a drive from a SUN (Solaris 2.5 - everything
properly exported - mounts properly on all unix workstations) onto
a PC running Exceed with Hummingbird's NFS utility.

I did notice that a daemon "pcnfsd" is packaged with the HP and
I am assuming this is the daemon that services mount requests.
No such program seems to come with standard SOLARIS OS.
I downloaded "SAMBA" program suite but I am stalling (obviously -
configuration headaches!). All I want to be able to do is mount the

After configuring and compiling samba utilities, I find
that the PC servers (which are Novell servers) do not recognize
the SUN host. However, as a Microsoft Lan Server/Client, I am able to

R E P L I E S:
1. General Consensus:
    Get a copy of pcnfsd from,
    I got the copy and compiled it. And was successful
    in NFS mounting the drives.

2. Can also use XFS:
    Should run pcnfsd on both sides and use XFS.
    XFS is a product by a comp sci guy at the
University of Paderborn, Germany. His name is Robert Juhasz and
his email is, you can download
XFS from his anonymous site at in /local/.xfs32reg

3. However, I will still keep SAMBA program around. Just in case,
    a future request to support Microsoft servers comes up!

Sanjay K Gowda
System Administrator 503-681-6382
Integrated Device Technology Hillsboro, Oregon

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