SUMMARY: mh 6.8.4

From: Rasana P. Atreya (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 13:01:58 CDT

I was trying to compile mh 6.8.3 on Solaris 2.5, but I got all kinds of errors.
I was under the wrong impression that Solaris specific bug fixes have been
released as 6.8.4. Solaris specific bug fixes _are_ available, but as diffs.

Lots of people pointed me to a public domain utility called 'patch' which was
very useful. All I did was get the diffs, do patch < diff_file, and followed
installation instructions. That's it! My original post and all responses

If any of you'd like to look at my MH file, please send me email.
Thank a lot guys! ;)
Special thanks to:

I was trying to compile mh 6.8.3 on Solaris 2.5, but I got all kinds of
errors. I believe Solaris specific bug fixes have been released as 6.8.4.

I have been able to find only the diffs file (~4000 lines). Since the only
way I know to incorporate this into 6.8.3 is manually, I do not think I want
to use the diffs. If someone could point me to 6.8.4 (patched version of mh)
I'll be very grateful.

Could you please email me directly? I do not look at news groups.

Thanks much,
From: Michael Wright ED23 <>

I used the sun example from the subdir and didn't have any problems.


From: Anderson McCammont <>

mh 6.8.4 is just out with some Solaris specific fixes
the MH 6.8.4 patch is now available from:

or Casper Dik has a set of diffs for 6.8.3 on
From: (Jeremiah Ratner)


I just did this. I'm afraid I didn't see the errors you have, probably
due to a different choice of setup flags, but I did see a different set
of errors. Mine were due to the fact that mh uses some variable names
that Solaris 2.5 has chosen to use in /usr/include or /usr/include/sys
for conflicting structure/union types. My solution was, for each
compiler error, grep for the offending structure name in /usr/include/sys,
like this one:

>"ftpsbr.c", line 135: incomplete struct/union/enum _iobuf: iob

If you find it there, change the name in the mh source so as not to
conflict with the system name. My changes were limited to single files,
and you may not be so lucky, but I don't see any alternative.

From: Jerry Peek <>

Rasana, 6.8.4 hasn't been released. You have a beta, I think.

I can tar up my patched source tree and send it to you.
You'll probably need to un-do some of my changes, though.

Seems like it'd be easier if you'd get a copy of the "patch" utility
and just apply the patches to 6.8.3 yourself. It sounds like there's a
reason why you aren't doing that, but I thought you might not know about
patch. Very useful.
From: (Mark S. Anderson)

You can incorporate the diffs with the "patch" program. Get it from

Mark Anderson
From: Roy Rapoport <>

On April 19, 1996, "Rasana P. Atreya" <> said:
>I was trying to compile mh 6.8.3 on Solaris 2.5, but I got all kinds of
>errors. I believe Solaris specific bug fixes have been released as 6.8.4.

Well, I can't get you 6.8.4, but I wanted to drop a line -- I compiled MH
6.8.3 on Solaris 2.4 and 2.5 without a hitch.


  What sort of diff file is this? Generally when I receive diff files I
simply use the 'patch' program that is in many Unixes to apply the diffs
to the files.

From: Fedor Gnuchev <>

Dear Rasana,
there is a way to do it automaticaly :
a piece from man diff >

     -e Produces a script of a, c, and d commands
                    for the editor ed, which will recreate
                    filename2 from filename1. In connection with
                     - e , the following shell program may help
                    maintain multiple versions of a file. Only
                    an ancestral file ($1) and a chain of
                    version-to-version ed scripts ($2,$3,...)
                    made by diff need be on hand. A ``latest
                    version'' appears on the standard output.

                    (shift; cat $*; echo `1,$p') | ed - $1

     Except in rare circumstances, diff finds a smallest suffi-
     cient set of file differences.

From: Anderson McCammont <>

get the 'patch' utility to apply diffs like this for you. Any gnu site will
have it - archie, or

Can't remember where the 6.8.4 archive is, sorry.
From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

Have a look for the 'patch' program. It's in the public domain and is
designed for exactly this purpose: updating source files base don a set
of 'diffs'. It builds easily on Solaris 2.x. Let me know if you have
trouble locating it and I'll send you a copy of the source (~75k
From: raoul@JED.CS.NYU.EDU (Raoul-Sam Daruwala)

do a man patch to learn how to patch using a diff file.

usually it's as trivial as
    patch < difffile.

From: Reinhard Bertram <>
Subject: Re: mh 6.8.4

You can include the diffs with `patch`. Try GNU patch.

Please let me know whenever you have cone any further, as I need to
compile mh6.8.4 on Solaris 2.5 as soon as our machines arrive.

cu, Reinhard
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