SUMMARY: time stamp problems w/ nfs

From: John Malick (
Date: Wed Apr 17 1996 - 14:19:23 CDT

Original posting:

>Both nfs client and server are running Solaris 2.4 and thus nfs version 2.
>I think I found the answer though, but did not get a chance to test.
>If the nfs client's clock is even a minute behind the servers clock, the client
>will think the file was create in the future and therefore not show the time
>stamp. This is due to the fact that the timestamp gets placed, not according to
>the client but always the nfs server.

The answer was that the nfs client's clock was about 1 hour behind the nfs
server's clock. Since all files created on nfs clients are stamped via the nfs
server's time, the timestamp was 1 hour ahead of the clients clocks.

The clients saw this and in effect thought the time was in the future and
therefore only put the date, not the time, when using the ls -l command.
Using rdate to synchronize the clocks between nfs server and clients brought
this time difference to nothing or within a second or so.....

If I had waited an hour for the nfs clock to reach the time of the nfs server
clock and repeat the ls -l; it would have then shown the time stamp. I did do
this test and sure enough it worked..

I now simple have a cron entry to do an rdate from my clients to my server every
other night or so.. This keeps the clocks within seconds of the server clock at
all times.

Problem resolved and thanks to everyone who pointed me in that direction.

john malick

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