SUMMARY: Locked out of sun station

From: Long, Michael (
Date: Tue Apr 16 1996 - 15:58:00 CDT

>We changed our root password last Friday. Now after rebooting, we can't
>login in on any account. Any ideas?
>The machine is our main DNS server running Solaris 2.5

My /etc/shadow file was corrupt (don't ask me how)! Here's how I

1. bring down the machine: STOP - A
2. boot cdrom single user: boot cdrom -sw
3. mount root partition: /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0 /a
4. vi shadow and make the
    passwd field blank vi /a/etc/shadow
    "remove encripted password info"

5. Reboot cd /
     umount /a

Many thanks to the following:-

Karen Svirsky
Fedor Gnuchev
Umesh Vaghela
Thomas Koetter
Henry Katz
Marcos Morales
Kevin Thomas
John Bradley
Srinivasa Yalavarthy
Feng Qiu
Edward Zimmermann
Alan Ronemus
Colin F. Melville
Mark Sturtevant


Michael Long.
Operations Analyst
Karmax Heavy Stamping.

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