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Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 10:11:13 CDT

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gdcs> I am not sure if anybody ask this before, but here it goes
gdcs> we have a copule of sparcs and pc's (using pcnfs), we have
gdcs> recently added a NT server station to our network and
gdcs> the pc's can see it w/o problem.
gdcs> The problem starts when we want to aadd a Network drive to the NT from the SUN
gdcs> is it possible?
gdcs> do we need TCP/IP?
gdcs> any info in this matter will be apprciated, even if you
gdcs> point me to a book wotrh buying, and I will summarize
gdcs> the information.
>From Chris Shenton:

I just brought up SAMBA (ask archie) on my SunOS box at home, and my
NT box can see my files there fine. Real slick. From the little bit of
the man pages I've read so far (no time)-: it sounds like I can also
share printers, and possibly have the Sun see the NT box's

I tried running SAMBA on my Irix box at work too, and was able to get
the NT to mount files at home from work, over my PPP link through the
SunOS box! Slick.

>From Daniel.Blander

The solution that I know of that will do this is PC-NFS for NT.
It is sold by Integraph (even though SunSoft and Integraph
co-developed it). Pricing is about the same as PC-NFS. I have
o Integraph
has a free 30 day trial available from their FTP site.....

>From Andrew Gittens

I achieved this using SAMBA which is a freeware or shareware product
available on the NET. It allows me to mount the suns drives to NT and
the NT drives to the SUN. There are also a lot of other commercial
products that will do the same (chameleon,intergraph etc.) I just did a
search on NFS using webcrawler and came up with a number of solutions.

>From Mike Varney

There is a PCNFS version for Windows NT... You can get it from Sun
Express... if you need more info, let me know.

>From David Cress

You will need a NFS client for your WindozeNT machine. NetManage makes a FS client/server
package called ChameleonNFS 32, cost about $600. There number is (408) -7171.

Also you can get a client only package from Sun Express, it was developed y Sun and
Intergraph, Intergraph reselles the software but Sun Express is a reseller for it.
Sorry but I can not remember their number, it something like , or some other-More--(59%)
                                                                       non fuctioning neumonic. :)
>From Ian_MacPhedran

The easiest way to do this is to use the samba package, which lets you
export UNIX filesystems to Netbios/LanManager network clients.

For more information see:

>From Petros Michalis

NT comes with TCP/IP, to mount NFS partitions you need NFS software. You an
buy NFS from a number of vendors for NT.
Have a look at 2 Oreilly Books, TCP/IP Administration, and NIS & NFS.

>From Greg Polanski

I looked in my SW catalog and found the following
The SW products that may apply are

SolarNet LAN Client - Enables users to access servers running Novell
NetWare and Microsoft LAN Manager protocols and initiate client
requests from their Solaris desktop for application, file, and print

SolarNet PC Protocol Services - NetWare-compatibile protocol stack
enabling a Solaris server to communicate transparently with a netWare

SolarNet PC Server Services - netWare-compatible server software that
provides full file and print services based on Solaris operating
system to NetWare clients.

>From Chris Zaneli

You need NFS for the NT box - so it can mount the sparc(s).
I use ChamealonNFS. It has a couple of quirks but otherwise works fine.

>From Thomas Plesha

Try SAMBA. It works for us. We are running NT and Unix as our coporate
platforms. SAMBA seems to works best if you us the Sun as a server. All
the GUI's works, but from the Sun side, it's like you "cd" into a

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