SUMMARY: SSA software problem

From: Alex Finkel (
Date: Tue Apr 09 1996 - 16:10:51 CDT

First let me thank the following people for their suggestions:

- Margarita Suarez <>
- (Amy Hollander)
- (Jim Napier)
- Rahul Roy <>

My Original Question:
  Sorry to bother, I know how busy everyone is but I am hoping someone might
know what I am doing wrong or overlooking. I am trying to get a Sparc
Storage array up and running and I am having trouble with the Visual
Administrator (vxva and vxva_setup).

System is an Ultra 1 170, Solaris 2.5, 64 MB ram, Fibre Channel interface to
the array.

Specifically, when I try to run vxva_setup prior to running vxva, vxva_setup
outputs these errors:

# /opt/vxva/bin/vxva_setup
/opt/vxva/bin/vxva_setup: /sbin/vxdisk: not found
/opt/vxva/bin/vxva_setup: /sbin/vxdg: not found
/opt/vxva/bin/vxva_setup: /sbin/vxdctl: not found
/opt/vxva/bin/vxva_setup: /sbin/vxdctl: not found

It also leaves the following process sitting idle but not going away:
    root 1717 1 0 14:30:41 ? 0:00 /sbin/vxconfigd -R
//va_demo/etc/vx/vold_request -D //va_demo/etc/vx/vold_diag

I did make the link that points /opt/vxva to /opt/SUNWvxva and I installed
the SSA Jumbo point patch, upgraded the firmware to 3.4, ran vxinstall - all
seemingly with no problems. If I run ssaadm display c1, I can see the array
and the drives with no problem.
I examined vxva_setup (shell script) and it is specifically referencing
/sbin/vxdisk, etc... I also know that the programs vxva_setup is calling are
currently in /usr/sbin and not /sbin.
Did I install this wrong? Should I reinstall? Can I make links in /sbin to
/usr/sbin (there are more than a couple programs beginning with vx so that
might be a pain.) If I make the links will other parts of this software break?


The resolution: =============== The responses (included below) asked if I had run vxinstall, installed the patches, and used the correct version for Solaris 2.5. While the responses helped keep me on the right track, the solution came from Sun. Sun has logged a bug in the vxva_setup script that comes with version 2.1.1 of the SparcStorage Volume Manager software. This is a problem for systems running Solaris 2.5.

Vxva_setup is trying to call the following commands /sbin/vxdctl, /sbin/vxdisk, /sbin/vxdg, but these commands are installed (correctly) in /usr/sbin.

Sun's solution is to create sym links in /sbin to those three files. That done, I was able to run vxva_setup successfully.

The Responses: ==============

From: Margarita Suarez <> To: Alexander Finkel <> Cc: Subject: Re: SSA software problem

my copy of vxva_setup uses /usr/sbin paths. here is the version info:

# /* @(#)src/vxva_setup 1.14 05 Jan 1995 15:33:19 - */ #ident(#)src/vxva_setup 1.14"

you might be able to get away with modifying vxva_setup (i don't have the links).

i'm running VxVM 2.1.1 (which is what is required for 2.5... did you check that?) -------- From: (Amy Hollander) To: Subject: Re: SSA software problem X-Sun-Charset: US-ASCII

did you run vxconfig? --------- From: Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 10:05:51 -0800 To: Subject: Re: SSA software problem X-Sun-Charset: US-ASCII

Don't you want to be running vxinstall first???

Make sure you path to /usr/sbin, and run vxinstall to encapsulate your disks - then run vxva.

That's all that is needed....(I've never used vxsetup for the installs - just did one yesterday).

Good luck (it actually is very easy - just not wonderfully documented).... --------- Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 11:35:31 -0800 From: (Jim Napier) To: Subject: Re: SSA software problem X-Sun-Charset: US-ASCII

You should contact Sun. We just got an Ultra and wanted to hook up an existing SSA we had to it. They told us that you can't use the Volume Manager software on an Ultra without some kind of additional software or software upgrade (the details are a little fuzzy because I didn't work with them directly on this). In any case, you should talk to your local Sun engineer before proceeding any further or call 1-800-USA-4SUN. ---------- Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 17:02:45 -0500 (EST) From: Rahul Roy <> To: Alexander Finkel <> Subject: Re: SSA software problem

That is really strange !! I have installed a SS array on an uLtra 170E with 256 Mb and 12.6 Gb in the SSA...I just installed the patch for the SSA - 103017-02 for SOlaris 2.5....installed all the packeges from the cdrom, applied the patch, rebooted.....ran vxinstall followed by vxva and everything was running just fine......wonder why you are having a problem...let me know how you resloved this problem....

Good luck Rahul ---------- Thank you all for your help.

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