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Date: Wed Apr 03 1996 - 04:08:50 CST

This is an answer to Pedro Melo <> as well.

Original question:

>In Europe it was decided that the Daylight Saving Time will
>take one more month and ends only on 27th october this year.
>Do you have any ideas how could I reprogram the automatic
>time shift mechanism of Suns (op. system: Solaris2 ) ?
An elegant way (for lazy people like me) suggested by
Casper Dik from Sun:

> This is done automatically, but you may need a patch:
> 102595-02 for 2.4
> 101730-04 for 2.3
> but 2.5 is ok.

If you happen to change your Timezone info in a non-standard
way, then you should follow Rachel Polanskis' advices:

>I just had to do this myself recently.
>get the latest zoneinfo file from
>then you might have to edit it, after looking through the rules for your
>timezone. (I don't know what they are for Hungary)
>The zoneinfo file contains all the timezone files for the world...
>After you are happy that the rules apply for
>your local timezone, run the command
>zic [your.timezone.file]
>from the zoneinfo directory to recompile the timezone data.
>Then (hopefully) when the changeover comes, it will magically change over.
>(it did for me)
>The timezone database is in the following directory for Solaris:
>Some people say you have to reboot - I did, but I do not know how
>necessary it is...
>man zic will explain the format of the zoneinfo file for you....

The zic command was suggested also by two other gurus.
Any confirmation will be available only in fall :-).

Many thanks to:
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Rachel Polanskis <>
Adam Nevins <>
Paulo Licio de Geus <>


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