SUMMARY: Flatbed scanner on Solaris2.4

From: Robin Sinclair (
Date: Mon Apr 01 1996 - 11:55:52 CST

Here's a summary to my question :

> We are looking to connect a flatbed scanner (preferably colour, A3, 600dpi;
> even more preferably something like a HP ScanJet 4c..) to Solaris 2.4.
> The idea is to use it with PhotoShop 3.0.
Thanks for all the responses:

1. Several people are using a photoshop plug-in from Mentalix (producers of
        1700 Alma Drive
        Suite 110
        Plano, TX 75075
        Phone: [800] MENTALX
        FAX: [214] 423-1145

Int'l: Mr. Gareth Jones (for all EEC inquiries)
               Mentalix Europe, Ltd.
               26 Coxwell Road
               Faringdon, Oxon
               SN7 7EZ England

               011-44-367-240-624 phone
               011-44-367-244-025 fax

2. Also favourably mentioned was OpenScan software from Apunix in San Diego
("Unix based scanners are their business. We have had good success and service from this company."): ,
or Susan Fenley 619-495-9229 x104
or Jim Rowan 619 495 9230 x102

3. Also mentioned was EasyScan software from MicroTek for use with their
ScanMaker II scanners (use with HP scanners not confirmed). contact for more details.

4. reports another driver :
"We've had a number of people hook up this SCSI scanner with our generic
SCSA driver. We haven't taken the changes back, so there will be some
work involved to get it going. If you're interested please let me know."

5. I didn't hear of any public domain drivers.

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