From: Marcelo Maraboli (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1996 - 15:46:58 CST

Hello admins..

Once again this list has proved to work! :)

I want to thank the people who helped me in many ways to fix the problem,
which I still have to do. :(

I want to thank specially Marc L. Summers who made a script for me to
just run and fix....he invested time programming and doing just everything.
I still don't have words to thanks him......just Thanks.

Thanks to people who did actually send the "ls -lasgR /usr" to me (big mail :)

Michael Glass
Ake Sandgren <>
Venkata Ramakrishna R <> (Ulla Fischer) via ftp

and people who suggested to make more drastic, but cleaner fixes.. (Steven Ho) : re-install SunOS
Herbert Wengatz <>: install Cops or Satan

and people who suggested to install a security patch called 100103-12.
David Beard <>
Andi Paton <> who sent the patch :)


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