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From: Cheng Xu (
Date: Thu Mar 21 1996 - 15:50:37 CST

my question is:

    can I replace my Sun Sparc 20 keyboard with a IBM PC
  keyboard? what should I do?

responde are:
From: Bert Shure <>

sun makes a $50 adapter that will let you do what you want.


>From Tue Mar 19 16:34:00 1996

Not to my knowledge. There is a Sun PC style keyboard layout, but
I don't think J random PC keyboards work at all.

                l & h,

>From Tue Mar 19 16:01:20 1996

Contact sun-express and get the adaptor box they have.

>From Tue Mar 19 14:40:02 1996

The answer is... yes! Sun makes a box called the Sun Interface
Converter that allows you to connect PS/2 input devices to your
List price is $75 (less than the keyboard :-), and the Sun part
number is X465A.

>From Tue Mar 19 13:14:38 1996

No, the keyboard controllers used on a SPARCstation and an IBM-PC (or
compatbile) are completely different, and thus the keyboards are not
compatible. You might be able to find a vendor selling an IBM-PC style
keyboard that will work on a sun, however.

>From Tue Mar 19 13:11:27 1996

There is a link to a company that sells these somewhere on

thanks to those reply, I'll take action based on that.

Cheng Xu

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