Summary:Looking for a comprehensive book on "News/News Server" administration

From: Juan Pitamo (
Date: Tue Mar 19 1996 - 12:09:21 CST

Hi Managers, Thanks for the following people who have provided the
information on "News/News Server":
1- There is an O'Reilly book dedicated to
that subject, though the title eludes my memory (which through years of
systems administration has attrited to but three active synapses). The
URL for the publisher O'Reilly & Associates is Best

2- > Hi Managers, > Please recommend me a nice book on configuring and
administering the News > > Server, prefferably using "INN" News. the docs
that come with INN are pretty complete IMHO and you should also check out
the following URL:
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3- Managers, >Please recommend me a nice book on configuring and
administering the News> >Server, prefferably using "INN" News. The FAQ
posted into is VERY complete and easy to use. It
describes setting up INN, from compilation to starting feed, and daily
maintenance, etc. -- Tom Mornini -- InfoMania -- PostScript Electronic

4- Start with Managing UUCP and Usenet from O'Reilly and Associates. Then
read the Inn manuals (this is especially important). Then read the INN
FAQ's. Then post any further questions to Hope this
helps. Justin Young Student/Systems Asst 2212 Heck Young Rd. Mechanical
Engineering Baker, LA 70714 Southern University (504)-771-4070

5- Well there is the O'Rielly material for running INN I think the INN FAQ
is best. Its available in the nntp and news hierarchy. Regards, David

Once again thanks for all the above people!

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