SUMMARY: need autochanger software for dlt-4700 on solaris 2.5

Date: Mon Mar 18 1996 - 08:17:06 CST

 thanks for the replies, quite a few metoo requests.

 the original question:

> I downloaded the mc medium changer software from today as
> suggested in the FAQ. But the software core dumps when I attempt to move
> media with the mm command. Has anyone gotten this software to work. Or
> suggestions to other software to operate the change will be appreciated.
> thanks.

  I did get the anthill driver to work. On the mm command there is an
 argument called invert. Document claims it is optional. But it is not.
 Always put a zero here. We have now incorporated this software into our
 scripts an it works very reliably.

 the anthill software is available from

 Jeff Dingbaum sent in the best suggestion. Check out:
Fermilab has developed a utility called juke that it uses on all of their
dlt units. You can read the abstract and have links to the docs and readmes

 I downloaded this and it is full featured , client server RPC based utility
 to control several jukebox changers. We will be investigating this further to
 incorporate it into our procedures.

 Several vendors indicated that they sell changer software. check out
 your favorite backup vendor or details.

 thanks for the help.

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