SUMMARY: Sendmail Problems

From: John Malick (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 14:48:48 CST

Original message:

My sendmail client machine, Solaris 2.5 system, was not appending the return
address. The client was going to sendmail server which is PPP'd to our ISP. The
main sendmail machine worked fine.

To correct this problem, I simply used the file for on
the client machine. This is what I had but it was not appending anything for a
return address, not even the hostname.

The answer was to edit the file, the subsidiary one, on the client
machine and change the following:

Under the ether section, Rule set S11, change

R$+ $@$1<@$k>


R$+ $@$1<@$m>

This adds the domainname as the return address. Now other users hitting reply
will get ....

Yeah, I finally fixed something related to sendmail; I hate sendmail

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