SUMMARY: system halt

From: Cheng Xu (
Date: Mon Mar 11 1996 - 07:25:20 CST

  my question is:

      this morning one of my Sun Sparc 20 (SUNos 4.1.4,single cpu,64M memory)
    halt. it reports as follows:
    syslog: ******* system accounting started ********
    mode = 0100644, inum = 3850, fs = /var
    ialloc = dup alloc
    dev = 0x704, block = 4992, fs = /var
    panic on cpu 0: free: freeing free block
    syncing file system ...

    and the system halted.
    this machine halted five days ago for the same problem.
    I'm eager to know why and how can I avoid this.
    thanks for your reply! I'll give the summary.

Why: I had remove a very big accounting file before system accounting.
this may cause the inconsistance of the /var filesystem, and panic the
system. I boot the machine into single-user mode, and use
 "fsck /dev/rsd0e"
then reenter multi-user mode. everything is ok till now.

thanks to:
  Kevin W. Thomas,
  Bismark Espinoza,
  Dave Mitchell,
  Tom Mornini,
  Kevin Sheehan,
  Ashish Parikh,
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