SUMMARY: Problem with anon. ftp and Mac Netscape

From: Glenn Carver (
Date: Sun Mar 03 1996 - 12:45:51 CST

My first (and only so far) reply to this hit the nail on the head. Tom Mornini
has these words of wisdom..

>Change permissions for everything in ~ftp/dev to 666.

Although the man page for ftpd says to use mknod to get the files in /ftp/dev,
it omits to point out that the mknod does not set the right permissions. The
corresponding system files in /dev are 666.

Thanks for a quick response to:

Tom Mornini <>

          Glenn Carver


Original message follows:

>I've got a rather bizarre problem with anonymous ftp. I have a Sparc 10
>running Solaris 2.5 (recently upgraded - includes the patches on the CDrom).
>I am using wu-ftpd (v2.4) to provide an anonymous ftp server. I'd been using
>wu-ftpd for many years on this machine under 4.1.3.
>I set up the anon. ftp directory following the instructions on the man
>page for ftpd. It all works fine for:
>1. ftp from any unix machine on our local network and from some remote
> workstations.
>2. unix (sol2 version) netscape (v2.0) sees my anon. ftp files fine.
>3. On a Mac, the ftp program Fetch (v3.0) seems the anon. ftp file fine.
>For some bizarre reason, if I use Mac Netscape (v2.0) to access our anon. ftp
>it connects but appears to hang, trying to transfer. As if it's waiting for the
>server to send a file list. When you hit the STOP button, all you get is the
>string '226' as a hypertext link. I have repeated this many times and checked
>that ftp from unix machine at the same time works fine. It's clearly not a
>Mac specific problem as Fetch works fine too. I have double checked the ftpd
>man page in case I missed anything. Is this a bug with the Mac version of
>Netscape does anyone know??
>The wu-ftpd log files don't reveal anything to explain this. Connecting using
>Fetch gives:
>Mar 2 22:34:12 Caesar ftpd[26292]: SYST
>Mar 2 22:34:12 Caesar ftpd[26292]: PWD
>Mar 2 22:34:13 Caesar ftpd[26292]: PWD
>Mar 2 22:34:13 Caesar ftpd[26292]: PORT
>Mar 2 22:34:13 Caesar ftpd[26292]: LIST
>whilst connecting from Mac Netscape gives:
>Mar 2 22:34:46 Caesar ftpd[26296]: SYST
>Mar 2 22:34:46 Caesar ftpd[26296]: PASV
>Mar 2 22:34:47 Caesar ftpd[26296]: PORT
>Mar 2 22:34:47 Caesar ftpd[26296]: TYPE Image
>Mar 2 22:34:47 Caesar ftpd[26296]: SIZE /
>Mar 2 22:34:48 Caesar ftpd[26296]: CWD /
>Mar 2 22:34:48 Caesar ftpd[26296]: LIST
>I've verified that it makes no difference whether transferring in binary or
>ascii mode.
>I'll summarize.
> Glenn Carver

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