SUMMARY: New Version of NFS coming ??

From: Dave Haut (
Date: Fri Mar 01 1996 - 18:06:30 CST


About 1.5 weeks ago, I asked:


I heard a rumor recently that Sun ( or someone ) is coming out with a new
version of NFS ( version 4 ??). Has enyone else heard of this ??

If so, is it backward compatible with the current version of NFS ( which I think
is version 3 ?? ). Does anyone know when this will be coming out ??

I heard that it is NOT backward compatible and that some NFS servers ( like
Auspex fileservers, NAC toasters, etc ... ) will not work with this new version
of NFS.

Thanks !!

Well, as It turned out, I got my Solaris 2.5 manuals the next day after I asked
the question and was able to answer the question myself :)

Basically, There will be two versions of NFS running on Solaris 2.5:

The old version 2, which does reads/writes in 8k blocks and udp data transfers
verses the new version 3 which can do reads/writes > 8k and does tcp data

I was mainly concerned about compatibility. The two versions are NOT compatible
with each other, obviously, but a Solaris 2.5 machine can communicate with
both versions, so It's not a big issue with Sun ...

However, It was not clear whether other vendors ( like Auspex and NAC, for
example ) will ever support the new NFS version 3. no one could offer an opnion
on this ...

Thanks to the following for their responses:


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