SUMMARY: LaserWriter II on SS20

From: Greg T. Harber (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 16:43:48 CST

Summary: Apple LaserWriter II on Sun SS20 using SunOS 4.1.4

As usually is the case, the answer came from many sources
in bits and pieces. The sum is truly greater than the parts!

Heaps of thanks to:

    Peter Allan
    Phil Poole

For pointing out the need for a null-modem cable. When I moved
the LW to the SS20 I changed the serial cable to a "nice, new one."
It just happens that the old one was a null-modem cable. I
righted that wrong.

    Herbert Wengatz
    Reto Lichtensteiger

For pointing out the Postscript nature of the LW. I was sending
text files to it in my tests. I switched to postcript files
and it worked!

    Mark Hargrave
    Larry Weissman

For sharing their working printcap files.

    Benjamin Cline

For giving me a pointer to the lprps package. The README and
INSTALL files helped put the icing on the cake.

    Mark Kern

Gave me a pointer to HP's web site for a piece of their JetAdmin
software. This was last on my list of things to try and I never
got there. But thanks anyway!

In summary, to attach a Laserwriter II to a Sun SS20:

 1. Make sure you have a null-modem cable attached.
 2. Configure the printer for the serial interface (dip switches).
 3. Get the lprps package and follow its INSTALL instructions.
 4. Thank the Sun-Managers!

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