SUMMARY: floppy driver patch for opus 5000

From: Josh Rabinowitz (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 15:56:18 CST

My Original Posting:
>I have an "Opus Personal Mainframe 5000" Sparc1+ clone running 4.1.3.
>The floppy drive wont work.
>I have heard that I need a patch to the OS for the Opus ...
>Does 4.1.4 fix this?

The answer was to apply patch_fdc82077 to "support the Intel 82077 chip
as an alternate floppy disk controller chip", found in this case on the
SunOS 4.1.3 install CD. There was no strong opinion expressed over
whether or not 4.1.4 would include this. Exclusion of the patch
itself on the 4.1.4 cd suggests it has been wrapped in.

Of the four responses elicited, there was a suggestion that I
"check the obvious"-- that the cables were firmly seated, and
that the kernel had floppy support. He also recommended "upgrading
to SunOS 4.1.4 for another half dozen reasons", especially for its
 bug fixes for microSPARC architectures.

Another thought 4.1.4 would have the same problem, and pointed
out helpfully that "Standard Sun 1+ and other clones don't
need any patch for the floppy to work."

The third sent me a long list of places to get patches,
and suggested I grep for 'floppy' in the corresponding
README's to find the desired patch. This list is included below.

The final response was the patch itself from a 4.1.3(_U1 ?) cd.

Thanks to
        David Case <> (Kenneth Simpson) (greg harrison) (Glenn Satchell)

Sites to check for patches:
----------------------------------------- (official sunsolve site) (this site is pretty darn thorough) (official Japan site) (official UK site) (official german site) (SunOS 4.1.x patches)[123]-patches (Solaris 2.x patches)

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