SUMMARY: SPARCprinter E Toner

From: Steve Gray (
Date: Mon Feb 19 1996 - 13:13:37 CST

My original post:

        Greetings, all. I've recently picked up a couple
        SPARCprinter E printers, and I've been wondering
        about toner cartridges for 'em.
        It looks like the printer is actually a Lexmark
        (Optra+?), with some Sun OEM stuff tacked on.
        Is this correct?
        Would it be more cost effective to buy toner from
        a Lexmark dealer, rather than paying $280 a clip from
        Sun Express? Does anybody know if I can even stick a
        Lexmark toner cart in the SPARCprinter E?
I received only 3 responses, but one confirmed my theory:

Laura Taylor (
        The original SPARCprinters were made by Xerox, and they were
        lousy. :-)

Jane Medefesser (jane.medefesser@Eng.Sun.Com)
        Good work, Watson - this is exactly correct. The Lexmark consumeables
        will work in your SPE ---- of course, Sun doesn't want to tell you
        this, but most wise system managers figure it out :-)

Dennis Schwindt ( wanted to know if I'd found a source
for my toner needs. From his .sig, it looks like he can supply cartridges:
        ** Sun SPARCprinter Sales, Service and Toner Cartridge recharging. **

So now, the next step is to find a relatively cheap vendor for Lexmark
printer toner carts...

Thanks to all who responded.
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