SUMMARY: NFS problem Solaris 2.4/Ultrix 4.3

From: Harald Lundberg (
Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 09:47:00 CST

I got a very quick reply from Kam T Tam, who had had a similar problem.
I seems it is an old NFS bug which is still present in Ultrix, while
Solaris has fixed it. The fix unfortunately isn't compatible with the
old buggy version, so SUN has added a 'bug-compatibility mode' to
Solaris. This is enabled by adding the line
       set nfs:nfs_shrinkreaddir=1

in /etc/system.

The fix can be enabled without reboot by:

        # adb -kw /dev/ksyms /dev/mem
        physmem <whatever>
        nfs_shrinkreaddir/W 1
        nfs_shrinkreaddir: 0x0 = 0x1

Lynn Giles <> verified the fix with exactly the same
reply. I also got a few me too's.

Thanx, folks!

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