SUMMARY: SLIP/PPP sync/asynch???

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 13:16:38 CST

My original query was quite brief so I'll copy it here to bring everyone
up to speed.

> I'm planning on setting up a small modem pool for SLIP and/or PPP dial-up
> services. I will probably be plugging the modems into an sbus multiport
> serial card... probably an Aurora Tech 401 or 800. They come in asyn or
> sync/async. Someone told me I have to get the sync/async if I want to
> support PPP. Is this true? Also, is it true for SLIP?
> The sync/async are, of course, significantly more expensive.
> Anyone?

The answer is No, it is NOT true that SLIP and/or PPP require syncronous
support. Generally, as a rule, they both run perfectly fine in asyncronous
mode. I understand you can run PPP over a syncronous DSU... but that
wasn't really the intent of the question. I'm setting modem dial-up
services that just runs over the (P)lain (O)ld (T)elephone (S)ystem.

So, buying a simple async multiport SBus card will do the trick. We found
the Magma 4SP SBus expansion board with 4 async serial ports for $365.00.
Heck, it's cheaper than the modems we're getting, and Sun Managers have
previously recommended the Magma card. That's the route we're taking.

Some people have said to get a terminal server instead, which I'm sure
is an excellent solution... but I've had bad luck with terminal servers
in the past, dealing with bootp, tftp, and a bootserver, etc. I
understand the multiport SBus card solution should be very straight forward
and simple. Plug in the card... and there are the ports. That's what I want.

Many thanks to the unanimous response of the Sun Managers. (Edward C. Zimmermann)
Tim Wort <tim@Access.COM>
Bert N. Shure" <> (Perry Hutchison) (Thomas Tonino)
Ed Romascan <ed@magma.COM> (Glenn Satchell) (Craig Hunt)


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