SUMMARY: Throttling Net Surfers

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Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 18:57:57 CST

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> I'm *sure* that the Question "how can I keep Net Surfers from eating all
> our Network Bandwidth" has made a Lot of you busy already, but there's a
> special Kink in how this Problem's shaped over here. We *do* have People
> using the same (pooled) Computers that *do* use HTTP for serious Stuff,
> so blocking it at the Routers or stomping out the Executables altogether
> isn't an Option. Not to mention that even serious People might like Sur-
> fing at Times.
> Basically, what we want to do is to reduce Netsurfing being both a) during
> Core Business Hours and b) "in a just-for-Fun Manner". The Approach we're
> currently considering is to set up a Daemon which, during no-no Time,
> uses X11 to eradicate Netscape Widgets (as we noticed that "Work Pages"
> usually display fine in Mosaic, while "Fun Pages" often use Netscape
> Extensions).
> Anyone with a better Idea ... *please*?

Short short Summary: No better Idea, at least for our specific Situation.

Longer Summary:

1) Firewalls with User Authentication
   [Not an Option as we don't control the Network ... yet]
2) Use Caches
   [We do. We run out of Workplaces, not Network Bandwidth]
3) Use political Approach
   [Unfeasible as we're bound to keep the Hosts publicly available due to
   special State Funds used, and the Rules on what we're allowed to do
   to keep the Machines "usable" aren't defined *at all*. And the Users are
   Students, not Employees whose Boss I could convince]
4) Have People forced to go over slow Connection
   [Nice Idea. :-) But see 1) and 3)]
5) Browser/Cacheing Server/Firewall Combo
   [See 1)]
6) Have Cacheing Proxy log Requests and hope to intimidate Users
   [We don't control our Cacheing Server, either]
7) Block "Fun" Sites
8) Change Permissions
   [Doesn't help, as FTP is unrestricted, same Reasons as in 3)]

We meanwhile have the Netscape Killer Daemon running, and hope that
the average User won't find out the (pretty obvious) Holes in that
Plug ... :-C

Thanks to:
David Morgan edl/sx x4427 <>
Gregory Bond <>
Tony Jago <>
Markus Storm <>
Syed Zaeem Hosain <> (Cheryl L. Southard)
Mick Morgan <>
Don Williams <> (Derald McMillan)
fenton@cwsslc1.IRIS.CWRU.EDU (C. H. Fenton)
Steven Lee <>
Henry Katz <> (Tim Evans) (Zenon Dewicki ph3580) (Steve Gray)
John Rosenberg <>

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