SUMMARY: SunOS all-1 Broadcast

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 19:06:29 CST

Ooops, I'm a Bit late with this Summary ...

[Original Request]
> pretty easy to describe, probably somewhat harder to answer: Our Net-
> working Dpt. asked me to change our 4.1.3_U1B Hosts' Broadcast Addres-
> ses from all-0 to all-1. I'm pretty clear on *how* to do that (expli-
> cit ifconfig in/etc/rc.local, remember to escape the Periods; or have
> a Pseudo Host entered into the Machine's /etc/hosts File with the
> proper Broadcast Address and ifconfig broadcast to that "Host"), but
> I'ld like to know whether I might run into any Gotchas? Are "Broad-
> casts look like THIS" Rules hardcoded into Software someplace, causing
> Things to break? Horror Stories, anyone?

No Horror Stories, everone told me that the SUNs will happily run all-1.
However, since we'll be blessed with improved Routing/Filtering real_
soon_now (tm), the Need to switch over has reduced in Priority and I
didn't try Things out yet.

As a Sidenote, nobody was yet able to explain how "Broadcast Storms", the
reported Danger of mixed-Mode Networks, happen, so I *will* change once
the Netmasks etc. get nailed down, just to be on the safe Side.

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