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From: Zhiyi Huang (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 13:47:17 CST

My original question was:
Hello, Sun managers,

We have a client-server software here, how can I count the bandwith,
transactions/second, overhead and package rate, etc. between server and

Are there any standard unix commands to do this?

I know we can attach a monitor to a cisco router and use Lan analizer to
watch network traffic. But we don't have those facilities here.

Thanks a lot!

Answers are:

>From Adam Prato <>:

if you need some simple analysis of your lan, you have two options:

- There is a program called 'tcpdump 3.0'. Look on or
do an archie or web search for it. This is a text based tcpdumper. You
could write a perl script to take its output to generate some statistics.

- The other alternative is to purchase a lanalyzer. We currently use
novells lanalyzer, and it costs about $2000. It is quite low end, and
only usefulto do simple diagnostics.

  The best choice would be to look toward Network General's Distributed
Sniffer System.


Judy - There is a "traffic" command - "/bin/sunview1/traffic"
        which may help you. This is an oldie, from sunview days.
        I have the SunOS SPARC executable if you need it.

        I am not very familiar with this, but did use it a few times
        several years ago, hopefully you'll yet a response from
        someone with more experience.
---Fred Davidson, x8516

>From Stuart Urquhart <>:
You could play around with netstat. It should give you packet
counts in and out at least.

        There are also a couple of public domain tools, etherman (a
network traffic analyser) and packetman (a packet sniffer) which might be
of some help. You can pick those up from :-

        This is a slow ftp site, so it might take a while to down load.
(You'll also need the hershey fonts available here)

        Stuart Urquhart

>From Petros Michalis <>:
2 solutions:
1) nfsstat comes with Solaris/SunOS and will give you some information
2) SunNet Manager will get all the info you want (highly reccomended)
plus much more for a price (There are 3 versions, Site, Domain &
with management of up to 100, 10,000 and up nodes.)


>From sun2 <>:
You can use "netstat -i" before and after the application execution
and calculate the number of input & output packets according the results.
Also "nfsstat" might help to see number of nfs calls as client and server
for both sides.

Good luck

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>From Sebesteny Viktor <>:
We use SunNet Manager 2.2.2 from SunSoft. This program map your network
SNMP agents and show everything about the network. Easy to use.

Viktor Sebesteny
SotNET Admin

>From "Mark S. Anderson" <>:
You may be able to use the output of etherfind(8C).

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>From Randy Grimshaw <>:
 Are you aware of the snoop command?

why not try nfsstat, iostat, vmstat and netstat check man pages for
relevant options....


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