Summary: Senmail 8.6.12 question

Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 07:41:26 CST

     Sun Managers,
     Didn't get many replies on this one, but received a few me toos.
     Tony Jago ( suggested using "procmail" with
     sendmail 8.7.3, and Brad Knowles' ( comprehensive answer
     is below.
     Thanks for all the help,
     Colin Melville
     Defense Information Technology Contracting Office
     Scott AFB, IL

At 9:14 AM 1/25/96, COLIN MELVILLE wrote:

> I have a configuration question about sendmail 8.6.12, to wit:
> Is there a way to configure sendmail to refuse or reroute a particular
> sender's messages? We want to deny a certain person access to internet
> addresses, but not internal addresses.

    You can refuse to accept all mail to/from certain user names
or domains, and with sendmail 8.7.y, you can refuse to accept
all mail to/from a complete address (the "@" sign trips up
8.6.x). But, there's no way I know of to selectively refuse to
accept mail from/to certain addresses based on who the sender
and recipient are (you can do one or the other but not both).
If you want to do that, sendmail has a stub C routine it can
call, (described in _sendmail_ by Bryan Costales), and you can
flesh that out.

> We're still running our mailer on SunOS 4.1.1, using sendmail 8.6.12.

    I recommend you upgrade your OS to something a bit more
recent. There have been some fairly well-known bugs fixed in
even 4.1.3_U1 and 4.1.4, which I believe you're likely to find
useful. Also make sure that you're running at least the
released version of BIND 4.9.3, with the latest patches

    If nothing else, replacing the Sun libraries with their BIND
4.9.3 equivalents keeps you from getting nuked by a problem with
SunOS if a name in the DNS has more than five IP addresses
associated with it and you try to access that machine. For
example, has eleven IP addresses
associated with it (last time I checked), and if you haven't
replaced the SunOS libraries with BIND 4.9.3, you'll kernel
panic your machine if you try to send any email to CompuServe.

    Fortunately, I think you're at least running an older beta
of 4.9.3 (that's what we were running as of the time Rich took a
snapshot of our system and brought it out there with him), and
should avoid that problem. Still, you should upgrade to the


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