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My original posting was:

> Has anyone attached a Syquest E-Z drive or IOMEGA Zip drive to a solaris
> box? Please advise...Will summarize TIA...

The responses that best helped me follow:


I've attached a Bournelli Transportable to a SparcStation 20. The
only way to do it without the drive become part of the filesystem is
using a product called TransferPro made by DIT (

The product is extremely sophisticated and handles transfers between
MAC, DOS, and Unix seemlessly.

There is a way ( via the /etc/format.dat) to make a disk part of the
filesystem however it doesn't have the concept of "removable"


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An issue of SunExpert from last year covers attaching a Zip drive to a Sun. Also, Iomega has a document that go through the steps of attaching a Zip drive to a SunOS and Solaris box. Last I heard, the doc was available via their "faxback" service. You might also want to check out there WWW server just in case the have put it on line.

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Bottom line:

Call (801)7785763 and request document #2019 "Installing An Iomega Drive on a Sun Workstation''.

Thanks to:

Phillip Millman <> Shigeki Misawa <misawa@physics.Berkeley.EDU> Cheryl Martel <> Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <> Eckhard Rueggeberg <>

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