SUMMARY: SBus to PCMCIA Adaptors and Modem cards

From: Canning, Nigel (
Date: Wed Jan 17 1996 - 12:32:11 CST

 I received a reply from Edward C. Zimmermann (which is attached below). I
 didn't get much sense out of SunExpress when I asked them about the
 combination I was hoping to use. But it seems that the combination should
 Nigel Canning
> I am trying to find out if anyone has had any success
> using Sun's SBus to PCMCIA Adaptor card and a PCMCIA Modem
> card?
 YES! Works great. Have one even retrofited on an RDI IPX.
> I'd like to fit a Modem into a system for dial up support
> and the like. This approach would be tidy.
> I'd be using SPARC Solaris 2.4 / 2.5. I would like to use
> US Robotics PCMCIA Modem cards. I would also be using MorningStar
> PPP at some stage.
 While SMCC uses a "modified" US Robotics card for their discontinued--
 The /etc/driver_aliases file should then be modified to include an entry
 (for the example modem card) as follows:
 pcser "PC,Intel MODEM 2400+ iNC110US A-0"
 After the driver_aliases file is modified and the system is rebooted, the
 card should be recognized.
 Look at /etc/remote to see which name in your version of the OS the direct
 PCMCIA is: pcmcia0, pc0 or ..
 Do a tip. Type AT, see OK and :-)
 Since we don't sell or support the US Robotics card I can't tell you what
 configuration entries in all the other places you will need---
 but it just like any other modem and you need to read the documentation to
 set the correct flow control,....
 Hope this helps,
 <A HREF="whois://">Edward C. Zimmermann</A>
 <A HREF="">Basis Systeme netzwerk/Munich</A>

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