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Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 10:59:50 CST

My original post was:
"I have a PC Pentium and a school account. I installed netscape into my
school account (an SunOS 4.1.3 machine)

I can dial-in to my school account, then I can get a vt100 terminal for
my school account on my PC.

How can I run Sun graphics programs including netscape from that

I've got many quick and good reponses. Thanks to all of you.

There 4 sets of solutions.

Use TCP/IP Stack, for example, Trumpet Winsock:
It provide a PPP/SLIP/SLIRP connect from your PC to a UNIX server which provides
  See also /pcpublic/msdos/winsock for several applications.
  FAQ site:,_1995

Some nice WWW places:
<li>SimTel Archive
<li>Synapse Internet
<li>INIAccess in NSW, Australia
(Association of Hellenic Internet Users) in Athens, Greece</a>

In addition, the Trumpet Winsock can be found at:
<li><a href="">TechSmith Corporation in
<li><a href="">ONNED Internet Access Provider
in Greece</a>
<li>MMS Communication GmbH
<li><a href="">Missouri Research &
Education Network</a>
<li><a href="">The Ultimate Collection
of Winsock Software</a>

<li><a href="">IEEE Student Group at
the University of Cincinnati's College of Applied Science</a>
<li><a href="">Carl Hayden Community High School in
Phoenix, Arizona</a>

Get X server for PC from:
  eXceed from hummingbird,
  which is not FREE.

To find the X server stuff that is freeware, you can check out the following: /pub/starnet/public/

        There is supposedly some at
        (or you can ftp to it) but I am not sure of the name of the software.

        Or you can check the FAQ for the newsgroups and (which you can get from

For slirp: (slip/ppp emulator - free) /customers3/src/network/slirp-0.91.tar.gz /packages/Linux/slackware/contrib/slirp.README
                (you can get the readme and it will tell you other sites to
                 get the software. You can get it from any linux archive site
                 but you dont need linux to run it. It will compile under Sun)

For TIA: (slip/ppp emulator - $25)

Note: To set up TIA or SLiRP, check out
        (this page will allow you to download the software and gives tips
         on setting both of them up)

Get and install Linux.

Get and install lynx.

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