SUMMARY: Where to find the following patches?

From: greg harrison (
Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 15:04:59 CST

Thanks so much for the many quick responses. Thanks go to
(and any other responses which are enroute)

I was aware of the sunsolve1 site. However, I am not registered there and only
have access to the public patches. This is mainly because our corporate
firewall gives us problems with accessing some sites which require logins and
we occassionally get DNS problems which make the sunsolve server unavailable
to us. So, I was looking for some alternative sites that I could access via
ftp (or even http) that were just as good. And luckily, you guys provided the
information to me.

Many thanks to those who were willing to send me the patches or allow me
access to them.

As a side note, I will continue to accept any emails or correspondance
regarding sites that contain patches, which I dont have listed here and
if anyone needs it at anytime in the future feel free to email me
( and I will supply the most current list that I

And the results were...<insert drum roll here>

Site to check for patches:
----------------------------------------- (official sunsolve site) (this site is pretty darn thorough)

That's all I have received so far. If you find any, set up any, or know of
any sites which I missed, send them to me and I will add them to the list for
future reference. Maybe I will post them periodically somewhere as the list

Thanks again
-Greg Harrison

Original Message:
> Hi guys!
> Does anyone know of any ftp sites where the following patches can be found?
> 100726-17
> 100890-10
> 101408-01
> 100444-62
> 100452-09
> 100492-09 <- I really need this one
> I checked out the repository at but wasnt able to find all
> the ones that I needed. I know there are some other patch repositories out
> there but cant seem to find any of them :-) If anyone wants to send me
> any sites that they know (and the directories) that have sun patches in them,
> I will create a general ftp list of sites to find sun patches at (or is there
> a list like this already?)
> Thanks in advance..
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