SUMMARY: Ultra Sparc with Solaris 2.5

From: Abbas Mehrabian (
Date: Tue Jan 02 1996 - 16:59:24 CST

Sun Managers:

Sorry for the delay. Here is the summary, but I like to thank the following first :

Cameron Humphries <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM> (Carlos Morillo)
"James G. McBride" <>
Justin Young <>
Barbara Leipold <> (Amy Hollander) (Gerard R. Lazo)
donr@housun.Central.Sun.COM (Don Rumsey - Reseller SE - Houston)


>From Thu Dec 14 21:29:47 1995
Don't take this as a definitive answer but we have recently done some demos
at customer sites with an Ultra 1 140 and an Ultra Creator 170E. In both
cases we have been running software that is designed for Sol 2.x and we didn't
have too many problems. This included third party apps as well as public
domain software such as "gcc" and "emacs". I even used Photoshop 2.5 from
around mid-1994 without any problems.



>From casper@holland.Sun.COM Fri Dec 15 02:12:32 1995
Yes, they should. If not, that's a bug.



>From Fri Dec 15 06:15:57 1995
According to Sun Marketing yes. Of course if the applications are not accessing
a kernel data structure.

>From Fri Dec 15 09:50:47 1995

I recently upgraded all of our sparcs to 2.5...There are some pretty
noticeable speed improvements. However, I used to use admintool pretty
extensively for setting up remote booting and install servers etc. Now,
with 2.5, unless you buy the server media and get a license for Solstice
-- you are out of luck there. Anyway, my .02 ....



>From Fri Dec 15 10:35:37 1995
Abbas, our Solaris 2.4 applications run fine on a Sparc 2 under 2.5. I
haven't tried it on an Ultra, yet. (Ain't got one) Hope this helps.


>From Fri Dec 15 11:45:33 1995
I've been doing some research on Solaris 2.5 and supposedly the
beauty of the combination of the Ultra SPARCs and 2.5 is that they are
supposed to be completely compatible with applications run under 2.4
and (I think ) 2.3 with out recompiling the applications, and run faster!


>From Fri Dec 15 15:21:25 1995
Make sure all your extra software runs under 2.5, like if you
have veritas software for your storage arry, or some sort of backup
software...Many are just freshly out, and that means bugs and
a growth curve.

>From Mon Dec 18 08:30:24 1995
Solaris 2.5 claims to be compatible with all Solaris 2.4 applications.
You shouldn't notice any difference, except for the speed.

>From donr@housun.Central.Sun.COM Thu Dec 14 15:01:11 1995

Abbas applications that are ported for 2.4 WILL
run w/out problems under 2.5.

bcm (binary compability mode) has been GREATLY
improved from 2.4 to 2.5, this is only necessary
for apps. that run only under Solaris 1.x.

Thanks again,


Abbas Mehrabian

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