SUMMARY tp connection not working in SS20

From: Pablo Ruiz (
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 07:43:16 CST

Thank you all for your help, although none of you solve the problem. A
Sun technician came here to take a look at it and suggested to change all
the entire motherboards, which he did, but it did not solve the problem at
all. Then, I took one of the SS20 to where the hub was and connected it
directly, and guess what: the tp was working. That means the problem
must be between the patch panel and the 10BaseT jack in each office. I
am using cat5 for wiring and the distance is well below 100m.

One question that a lot of you asked was that if I had both (10BaseT and
AUI) plugged it at the same time. The answer is NO.

Well, time to check on the physical network!!!

Thanks again to:
Ed Miesch ph2493 <>
Carlo Musante <>
Steve Kay <>
Kevin Grant <>
"Cynthia A. Zorn" <>
Michael Blandford <>
Ted Rodriguez-Bell <ted@ssl.Berkeley.EDU>
"Michael R. Zika" <>
Bill Krauss <>
Perry Hutchison <>
Andrew Lamb SYSADMIN <>

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