SUMMARY: printcap entries for an Apple LaserWriter 16/600

From: Christopher L. Barnard (
Date: Thu Dec 07 1995 - 05:55:06 CST

I originally asked:

a lengthy question which I won't fully repeat to save space. Basically
my problem is the Apple LaserWriter 16/600 has two modes, "raw" and "cooked"
and I'm trying to have only one queue by forcing all input through an
input filter (/etc/printcap directive "if") to convert everything to
postscript using /usr/local/lib/ps/textps, and then printing that output
on the raw queue. It doesn't work on some postscript files: it prints the
postscript commands rather than executing the postscript.


I received several helpful suggestions. Thanks. It turns out that I
wasn't giving the printer enough credit for its own smarts. If I send
all output, text and postscript alike, to the "cooked" queue, everything
works fine. The printer will autodetect postscript files and drop back
to the "raw" mode automatically. This is something that you have to set
in the printer configuration software, but this autodetect is the default

Thanks to (Gyorgy Simon) for this solution, as well as all
of the other folks who gave me other suggestions.

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