SUMMARY HP LJ 4M+/Sol 2.4 problem

From: Noel Chong (
Date: Tue Nov 28 1995 - 00:05:39 CST

Hi Solaris Experts,

Many thanks to those who helped me with my HPLJ4M+ problems.

Here was my problem:

HP LaserJet 4M+ connected to network via a 10BaseT interface would
require power cycling after successfully printing from Solaris 2.4
machines on the same sub-net. The printer seemed to require a power
cycle after each succesful print. Yet the printer worked flawlessly
for about a week before the problems showed up.

All the Solaris 2.4 machines were using the stock Sys V lp sub-system.
The lp jumbo patch had not been applied.

Thanks to the following for their help:

 Doug Hughes - Auburn University
 Daniel Hawkerson - Auburn University
 David Annis -
 Konstantinos Agour -
 Phillip Vandry -

Here's how the problem was eventually resolved:

1) Switched to the 4.3BSD port of lpr sub-system as implemented at Auburn
   University (Thanks Doug). Disabled the Sol2.4 SysV lp.
2) Called 1-800 Tech Support number for HP. They advised me to print the
   self test while the printer was not working. This printer interface
   diagnostic showed that another device was using the same IP number.
   This has not been proven definitively yet. However I changed the IP.
   address and now the problem seems to have disappeared.
3) Configured all hosts on the net to spool to one machine which sends
   the print job to the HPLJ4M+.

Several respondents mentioned that after applying the lp jumbo patch to
Sol 2.4 that their printing system performed to satisfaction.

The combination of the three steps above seem to be working out quite well.
The printer has been running well for the past week.


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