SUMMARY: Can you boot a sun4 from a Toshiba XM3601B CDROM?

From: Nolan J Posey jr. (
Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 03:31:16 CDT


                          ORIGINAL QUESTION
          Can you boot a sun4 from a Toshiba XM3601B CDROM?

Does anyone know if the Toshiba XM3601B CDROM can be made to boot a
Sun 4m system? I know that the XM3401B could be hacked by cutting two
jumpers as described in the FAQ. These jumpers exist on the 3601, so
I am hoping that they will work. But I thought I would check to see
if any of you have tried this yet and what your success was.


                             ANSWER: NO

Many thanks goes to Zaeem Hosain ( who says:

It does NOT work with a simple trace cut. Toshiba, in their desire to
reap extra money for the Sun version, made firmware changes as well
although there is no extra mfg codt for them. Thus, their Sun version
of the 3601 has a specific different part number *and* a higher price.
They will not sell the prom separately either.

As a direct result, I have decided not to recommend them for other PC
purchases. If you happen to talk to them, please feel free to pass this
comment along! :-)


| Syed Zaeem Hosain P. O. Box 610097 (408) 441-7021 |
| Z Consulting Group San Jose, CA 95161 |

Mr. Hosain has just saved me a couple of hundred bucks :)

Many thanks to all who have responded and whos responses I have not
received yet.

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