SUMMARY: Re: Color Maps etc.

From: Rasana P. Atreya (
Date: Tue Sep 19 1995 - 17:28:41 CDT

Thank you so much, all of you for taking the time to respond. Here is the
summary of peoples' reponses.



About my machine going to the boot prompt by itsef:

        1- Is probably your keyboard or the interface on the mother board
        is acting up and sending the interrupt.

        2- Cable faulty or improperly connected (loose).

        3- It appears that you have a hardware problem with the Graphics Board.

I cannot start up Legato Networker if Netscape is running:
        1- When you run netscape, include the "-install" flag. This causes
        netscape to create a private colour map. Downside is that you get
        flashing when you cross applications.

        2- It probably is normal some applications allocate too many color maps,
        and then you get those messages. AnswerBook and Legato both do it, you
        see that if you start windows and legato by itself you won't see the
        message. There are some patches from legato for this.

        3- Something else has probably already allocated those entries. Try
        running nothing but Networker and see if the messages go away.

        4- This is because netscape is using up many of the colormap entries in
        the shared colormap of the X server. You can tell netscape to use
        its own private colormap by giving it the '-install' command line
        option, eg. start netscape with 'netscape -install'.


        netscape -ncols 64 (or 128 instead of 64)

In the order of their response. (All the nice people who responded! ;-)

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