SUMMARY: TP network interface NOT working!

From: Andrej Misik (
Date: Fri Sep 08 1995 - 14:33:23 CDT

        Hi Managers!

        My original question:

> This is *very* urgent: our main NFS server's TP network interface
> (SPARCstation 10, Solaris 2.4, exporting all users' homedirs)
> started to behave very strange. Suddenly the system stopped responding.
> After issuing "test net" and "watch-net" in PROM mode we found out
> that although "test net" reports TP interface is ok (both test of TP
> - on internal and external loopback - passed successfuly) "watch-net"
> could not find any packet although there were plenty of them.
> We are not using AUI port.
> From time to time the green led on the hub flashes (and watch-net
> sees some packets) but this happens very rarely (cca 2x a minute).
> Except these rare occasions the led is off.
> We have tried to change cable and port on the hub without any succes.
> We are sure that hub and cable are ok (other suns connected to the
> same hub and the same port don't have any problems).
> Although it seems it is hardware problem, we will appreciate
> any suggestions.

        The only which was given to me by the list was the proper setting
        of "tpe-link-test?" prom variable. It must be set to the same value
        both on the SS and the hub. Unfortunately, this was not our
        case, it is definitely a hardware fault :-((( Some people
        suggested to reboot machine (of course I did it before mailing to
        sun-managers!) or do software manupulation if le0, but in my
        question I mentioned it is not a Solaris problem.

        Thanks to all who responded.


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