SUMMARY: Information on LINUX groups.

From: Haim Stotsky (
Date: Fri Sep 08 1995 - 06:34:30 CDT

Thank to all who respond with very helpfull information about linux.
I summarize this because of the many "Me too" I'v got.

The original question was :

>Does anyone know about a group like this for "linux" ?
> stots

You can find a Linux group to:


>From (Guy Harris)

Depends on what you mean by "group".

"sun-managers" is a mailing list; there may be a mailing list or lists
for Linux, but I don't know of any.

There are several newsgroups for Linux, just as there are several
newsgroups for Suns:

comp.os.linux.advocacy Benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
comp.os.linux.announce Announcements important to the Linux community. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.answers FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.development.apps Writing Linux applications, porting to Linux.
comp.os.linux.development.system Linux kernels, device drivers, modules.
comp.os.linux.hardware Hardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
comp.os.linux.misc Linux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
comp.os.linux.networking Networking and communications under Linux.
comp.os.linux.setup Linux installation and system administration.
comp.os.linux.x Linux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.

and, for Suns (or IBM-compatible PC's running Solaris 2.x):

comp.sys.sun.admin Sun system administration issues and questions.
comp.sys.sun.announce Sun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.apps Software applications for Sun computer systems.
comp.sys.sun.hardware Sun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.sun.misc Miscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
comp.sys.sun.wanted People looking for Sun products and support.
comp.unix.solaris Discussions about the Solaris operating system.



 The listserver can be reached by sending a mail to:

 The subject doesn't matter, but if you put help in the body then
 you will get the help file :-)

 To subscribe to a list then just put:
 subscribe <list-name> in the body.

 The listserver has the following lists:


 and more, more


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