Summary: Schematic of Audio for IPX

From: Jeff J. Dingbaum (
Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 22:50:38 CDT

Well, not much to summarize, but here goes. Thanks for the response.
Still having the problem, but wanted to summarize responses as I think
it's an isolated case.

Jeff Dingbaum suggested:
        externally powered speakers (had them)
        isolate applications running at same time (tried that too)
        try it on another machine (worked fine).

My original post:
We are using an IPX workstation that runs SunOS 4.1.2 to bridge MBONE
to our circuit switched video network. As part of this setup we have
some external Sony speakers that we plug into the audio in/out cable.
We are experiencing intermittant crashes of our system with this set-
up. It does not crash without the external speakers connected to it.

Does anyone have, or know where I can get a schematic for the audio
circuit of a Sun IPX workstation? We would like to trace this problem
down, but we need to know what signals are going where.

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