Summary: problem with booting up sparcstation

From: Chua Koon Teck (
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 03:27:55 CDT


I have managed to solve my booting up problem.

My original question is :

My sparcstation 20 running Solaris 2.4 has got problem after booting up.
during the boot up, it generate the error messages :

Trying host configuration ....
/sbin/rcS: /dev/null cannot execute

I press ctrl-c to stop the message so that the reboot can continue.

After it boot up, the hostname of the server is not set. And when I did
a ifconfig -a, it shows that the inet is and the netmask is 0 and
the interface is not up. This cause the other server to be not able to
ping the sparcstation. I have to did a ifconfig to re-configure back the
station IP address.

Which are the files that does the ifconfig when the server is boot up ?

Recently, I disable my NIS on the sparcstation. What I did was to remove
all the file in /var/yp and kill the yp process. But it seems that any
account that I added after that is not being recognize by the system.
Because when I try to change the passwd of the new account using passwd,
it reply that the account does not exist. But the admintool shows that
the new account is being added to the local passwd file. Did I miss out
on anything when I disable the NIS ?


Somehow, my /dev/null file is missing. And I tried to touch a null file,
but that was wrong. The null file has to be a symbolic link such as :

2 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root other 27 Aug 31 13:51 null ->

But my second query about the NIS is still not answered. The problem is
when I add a new user account using the admintool, it is not shown when I
did a "passwd -s -a". And when I try to use passwd to change the new
account's passwd, it reply that it does not exist. This problem occurs
after I disable my NIS.

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