SUMMARY: Converting Mac files into Solaris files

From: Michel Pilon (
Date: Thu Aug 31 1995 - 03:12:22 CDT

Hello everybody,

        Sorry for the long delay but I wait until I got no hope about
the resolution of that problem.

Here is the original post:

> Hello sun managers (gurus),
> Via Mailtool, we are receiving a lot of binary attachments. We sometimes
> receive compressed MacIntosh files. I would like to know how do you retrieve
> the data from a MacIntosh file (removing specific forks). Hence, I will be
> able to read a WordPerfect file from MacIntosh with my WordPerfect software
> for Solaris 2.4 without using a MacIntosh. Which tools are you using?


AppleSingle and AppleDouble File Formats:

        Mailtool stores Mac file into AppleSingle format: The resource fork
and the data fork are under the same file. This file is not readable by Solaris
2.4. I was searching for a Unix tool that convert Mac AppleSingle into
Mac AppleDouble format.

AppleSingle File Format (one file): filename (resource + data forks)

AppleDouble File Format (two files): %filename (resource fork)
                                          filename (data fork)

        MAE 2.0 (from APPLE) does the job. But I do not want to buy MAE 2.0
for just converting mac attachments.

        At the URL: you will read
a document titled MAE 2.0 Tech Notes. At the end of the section "AppleSingle
and AppleDouble File Formats" you will see a note saying: THERE WILL BE A
APPLEDOUBLE. The problem is that I reached APPLE CANADA (after 10 phone
transfers and 1 hour waiting) and nobody (I said nobody) know about that
utility. (By the way I think that APPLE in general has a big communication
problem inside their organization).

        So my problem is still there and I have abandonned my researches. If
somebody have a solution, please let me know.

Special thanks to

Simon Gibbons <> (Let me know if you find something :-))

and to:

Michael (M.A.) Meystel" <MEYSTMA%DUVM.BITNET@pucc.PRINCETON.EDU> (Russ Bebb) (Roger Graham)
Kevin Davidson <> (Frank Allan - Network Manager)


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