SUMMARY: IDPROM checksum incorrect; All f's

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 08:41:49 CDT

Last week, I wrote:

>An SLC is reporting IDPROM checksum incorrect and the ethernet
>address and host ID are both showing all f's. I presume this
>is a battery failure. Can anyone confirm, and provide part
>number for a replacement?
Thanks to: (Sun System Admin)
Mark C. Henderson <> (john McWilliams) (John Malick)

Whoever "sysadm" is, he/she sent me an extensive FAQ on NVRAM's in
Sun systems which includes instructions for burning new EPROM's.
If anyone wants it, I'll send it along.

Mark, John McWilliams, and joem sent the part number, 520-2749.
Mark also told me:

>You can also get the NVRAM chips from Mauser Electronics
>(800-346-6873) or any SGS-Thomson distributor. The SGS-Thomson part
>number is M48T02-20PC1. They're cheaper from an SGS-Thomson
>distributor (~$16/chip), but you have the program them yourself
>(takes about five minutes, instructions are in in
>change-sun-hostid-1.4.8.tar.gz available from

The change-sun-hostid-1.4.8.tar.gz file contains instructions for
using the SLC FORTH interpretor (that's what's running when you
set the ">" prompt) to program a new NVRAM.

We called Mauser, but they're back ordered on these chips, with
at least a month delay to get them.

Sun Service would not give me a price for creating a new NVRAM
chip unless I agreed to pay up front! This sort of
reminds me of the car salesman who won't tell you the price of
a car unless you promise to buy it. SunExpress does not carry
parts this old.

One Sun repair depot gave me a price of $250 for replacing the
NVRAM, but it requires sending in the system board.

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