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> Sun-Managers;
> I recently added a Seagate Elite 9 to our sun4m running 4.1.3_U1.
> The Requisition Dept. bought this from a source which supplys apple
> peripherals and the drive was formatted for apple. I extracted the defect
> list without trouble, but needed to format the drive ( I assumed ) before
> partitioning it. The kernal times out approximately 1 1/2 hours into the
> format with the message:
> Aug 19 10:52:28 homeweb vmunix: esp0: Disconnected command timeout
> for Target 2 Lun 0
> It seems that without Solaris 2.3, patch 101788-01 ( per Brian Dickson in
> the sun-managers FAQ format.dat file ) I cannot format the drive, and it
> is now unusable... I am leaning towards sending the drive to seagate for
> a reformat or other service.. any recommendations?

        This question has apparently been posted to the list before, however
        I could not find mention of the "sd_fmt_time" variable in the FAQ.

        The solution from

>Just in case you haven't already been told by a zillion other people,
>the problem is a too-short timeout on the format command in the scsi
>drivers. You can fix it easily; either...
> edit the file
> /sys/scsi/targets/sddef.h
> look for the line
> #define SD_FMT_TIME 120*60
> which defines the number of seconds allowed for a
> SCSI format command, change 120*60 to some larger
> number, say 240*60, rebuild your kernel and reboot,
>or you can modify the kernel executable and the in-memory kernel image,
>and not have to rebuild anything, nor even reboot (note: 3840 is hex for
>14400, that's 4 hours.)
> adb -w -k /vmunix /dev/mem
> sd_fmt_time?W 3840
> sd_fmt_time/W 3840
>Then go back and format the drive again, as before.

        I chose the second route over rebuilding the kernel and had no further

 Thanks to all who responded:

Mary Lou Hinman <maryh@cea.Berkeley.EDU>
bobr@cassie.Sugar-land.Wireline.SLB.COM (Raymond Wong)

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