SUMMARY: HP4M+ oddity

From: Per Akesson (
Date: Wed Aug 23 1995 - 07:26:06 CDT

Here is a summary, though the responses didn't solve my problem.
The string printed out is a control string to the printer,
that tells the printer to enter PJL mode.
I use the print filter script shipped with the JetDirect software
so it seems that it must be another (timing ?) problem.

This is my initial message:
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We have a HP LaserJet 4M+ connected through
ethernet to a Solaris 2.4 print server.

When we print a singel postscript page
there is always an extra page at the end, only containing


Has anyone experineced this ?

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        Markus Buchhorn <> (Stephen Harris)

 Per Ekesson
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