Re: SUMMARY: 2.4, ufs_bmap, NFS write error 49

From: Casper H.S. Dik (
Date: Sun Aug 20 1995 - 10:59:52 CDT (Ronald van der Pol) writes:

>We have installed T101945-33 only on the file servers, not on the clients.
>Casper Dik told us we should install the patch on the clients too. We
>are going to do this next week.

>Of course, this does not fix the server bug, but it might prevent the
>triggering of the bug.

It's not a server bug. It's not just 2.4 servers that hang. 2.4
clients (unpatched) will bombard NFS servers with many write requests,
ignoring the write return codes and thus creating scores of fs full/
over quota messages. 2.4 clients have been hanging 2.3 and 4.1.x servers
as well as 2.4 servers.

The server code has been changed not to write over quota messages
to console again (some customers apparently do want those messages
logged some place). I'm not sure if all the reallocg messages
have gone: those are annoying and not very informative. (Instead,
the ssytem should log "file system full", if it is, or nothing
(over quota conditions).


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