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Date: Tue Aug 15 1995 - 08:14:41 CDT

  The Problem is solved kinda! Below is the original message and after
  that a short version of the help I received. If you need the long
  version contact me. I cannot thank the people who responded enough,
  they are: (Robert H. Moyer 733-0208) (Amy Hollander) (Greg Heim) (Nicolas Allan)
   Greetings Managers,
     This is my first time asking a question of the group. I am getting
   pressure from several users about the problem of PC-NFSpro and saving
   Excel files over nfs.
   System configuration:
         Sparc10/41 1cpu 128mb RAM 9gb disk SunOS 4.1.3_U1
         Used as PC-NFS v5.0 license server running rpc.pcmfsd.
           exporting several partitions for nfs mounting. Sendmail &
         security patches installed.
         486 PC 90Mz Pentium 16mb RAM 1gb disk MS-Dos 6.2
         Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Excel v 5.0.
         If a file is created in Excel on C drive and saved on C then copied
         to the nfs mounted J drive NO PROBLEM
         If a file is created in Excel on C drive and saved to nfs mounted
         drive J the file will change size (sometimes larger sometimes smaller).
         Excel cannot open or read the file. This happens with the PC-NFSpro
         product not the PC-NFS v5.0.
         One other item that may have meaning. Some of the users tested files
         of different sizes to see when the corrupt files were created. They
         found that files less than 89kb were saved OK any thing above 89kb
         was changed and unreadable. Below is the files I experimented with.
 File#1 Excel File
         114688 Aug 3 11:48 data.xls* #original file from C drive
         114688 Aug 4 09:55 data2sav.xls #file copied from C to J
         120832 Aug 4 10:21 data4sav.xls* #file saved from C to J using
         114688 Aug 4 09:58 data3sav.xls #file saved from C to J using
                                                  PC-NFS v5.0
         120832 Aug 4 10:21 data4sav.xls* #file saved from C to J using
                                                  PC-NFSpro different PC.
 File#2 Excel File
         117760 Aug 3 11:42 meth.xls* #file copied from C to J
         116736 Aug 3 13:06 methsav.xls* #file saved from C to J using
 File#3 Word File
          98816 Jul 18 08:20 meth2.doc* #original Word file on C drive.
          98816 Aug 3 13:09 meth2.sav* #file saved from C to J using
                                                  Word with PC-NFSpro
         As you can see the problem only occurs with PC-NFSpro and Excel.
   I have asked users save on C drives and copy files nfs mounted drives as an
   interim solution. I need to know if there is a patch or some other way to
   get around the problem.
   Will post summary.

  Here is what happen:
  I installed the patch from Robert Moyer and could save files up to 150KB,
  but not larger. I tried the Amy Hollander fix with same results, except
  Only One of my users has the 150KB limitation. Anyone else that creates
  a file can save it and will not have the problem. It must be in the users
  configuration setup.

  thanks again.

  P.S. Graeme Robertson e-mail me if you need full version or get
  patch from local sunsite.
 Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 07:30:14 -0400
 From: (Amy Hollander)
 Subject: Re: PC-NFSpro and Excel for Windows
 we had a similar problem. both programs use '~' in their
 naming convention and seem to mix each other up.
 change the '~' to something else in pcnfspro, maybe '^'
 If you go into the PC-NFS configuration, under NFS, there
 is a box labelled "Map Invalid Names Using Mapping Character"
 and you can't use a "~". We use a "^"

 Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 08:18:24 -0500
 From: (Robert H. Moyer 733-0208)
 Subject: Re: PCNFSpro Patch... Again
 I poked around yesterday after I got your note concerning ongoing
 problems with Excel data files and found that a newer version of the
 patch that I sent to you was released a few weeks ago. I don't think
 that the changes in this patch specifically address the issues that
 you are having difficulty with but it maybe worth it to try this patch
 out anyway. A couple of questions, when you install the patch do you
 have windows shutdown, DOS or if you are running windows have you disabled
 share? If not some files may not get properly updated. Also, what is your
 server hardware (Sun, IBM, etc.) and what version of the O/S are you running.
 The attached is uuencoded, save message off to a file, edit the file and
 remove verything up to the "begin" line, save it and then type uudecode
 <filename>". The result will be a compressed tar file called 102467-02.tar.Z.
 The encoded file is rather large, I hope that it makes it to you ok.
 NOTE Robert sent me patch 102467.01 earlier.

 From: (Nicolas Allan)
 Subject: Re: PC-NFSpro and Excel for Windows
 Date: Tue, 15 Aug 95 09:48:35 GMT
 You maybe have already been told this but there is a PC-NFSpro patch
 available from Sun Id# 102467-0. Among other things, this fixes printing &
 file-locking within MS Office applications.
 If you can't find it I can send you it uuencoded via email.
 - Nick

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