From: Steve Dickson (
Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 22:06:25 CDT

        Dear Sun Managers,

        Well, looks like all the responses are in that are going to come in.
        Thanks to all who responded and apologies to any whose responses are
        en route.

        Original posting:
        Are only certain makes/models of CD-ROM drives compatible with a SS5
        running Solaris 2.3? The reason I ask is that we have a remote user
        who wants to hang a CD-ROM drive off his SS5, but at the moment, he
        only has a couple of NEC SCSI CD-ROM drives that he used to have
        hanging off his PC. Will these work and, if so, are there any catches,
        pitfalls and so on that we should be aware of?

        Summary of responses:
        The general concensus seems to be that Sun expects the CD-ROM drives
        to use 512 byte blocks, so that any CD-ROM drive which can be jumpered
        to this setting, or which responds to a mode select command to set the
        block size should be okay.

        The only caution was that most drives should work fine for normal
        day-to-day use, but that a non-standard (i.e. supported by Sun) drive
        shouldn't be used as a boot device.

        Some responses said that they couldn't get any (or only particular make
        and models of) non-standard CD-ROM drives to work, but the general and
        relatively consistent response was as above.

        Thanks to:
        Brian O'Mahoney <> (Kevin Sheehan)
        Bernt Kere Haugen <> (CAE admin account)


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