SUMMARY: adstar backup from sun to mainframe

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Date: Tue Aug 08 1995 - 08:00:10 CDT

I asked
>Does anyone have experience using IBM Adstar to backup a Sun Solaris host?

Four replies were received. Thank you. (Robert H. Moyer 733-0208) gave his dsm.sys
and dsm.opt file along with his include/exclude file.
These matched ours closely, so the problem was not there. (Birger A. Wathne) replied:
> I had a brief look at adstart when a customer had it in for testing. This was
> a beta version, and it had a huge security problem. I hope it's fixed
> (I reported it to IBM in Norway).
There may have been ways to break into the system before but they seem
to be fixed. Any user can restore files or directories if they have
permissions to files. If this is a problem remove 'x' permission
for the dsmc program except for root owner. This will stop anyone
but 'root' from executing the restore function.

We found that one of our main difficulties was that changes
to the include/exclude file don't take effect unless the adstar
process is killed and restarted. This is not quite what is
documented. The docs say that changes to the dsm.sys require a
stop/start. Apparently the include/exclude file pointed to in
the dsm.sys file is read in entirely during process start.

We now have daily incremental backups working correctly.

We are still trying to get monthly archives that are kept forever.
The problem with the Adstar 'archive' function is that all files
restored from such an archive have their owner changed to 'root'.
We are investigating first dumping the sun filesystem to a unix
dumpfile, and then archiving that dumpfile to adstar. We are working
on ways to create one disk dumpfile and send it to Adstar, detect when
Adstar is done, and then remove that dumpfile and start the next fs.

Thanks again for the replies,
   John McFarland
   NY Health Dept
   Sun Managers Mail account

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