SUMMARY: Sun FastEthernet Card

From: Bob Best (
Date: Sun Aug 06 1995 - 21:47:27 CDT


Sorry for the late summary. However, thanks to Chris Bolan's advice the card is up and running fine. I guess experience does count for something.

I have included his advice below. Thanks again to all who responded.

R. Best

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  In the past year I have installed 43 Fast Ethernet cards into Sparc 10s, 20s,
1000s, and 2000s. Before you start, make sure your hardware rev level is at
least Rev 06 (it should be on a little sticker on the card). Lower Rev levels
may reduce your efficiency. Next, make sure you have at least patches 101945-29
and 102001-04 (or higher). And finally, to get max throughput, you need to
execute the following commands every time you boot:

ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_xmit_hiwat 65535
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_recv_hiwat 65535
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_cwnd_max 65534

After all is said and done, you should get a throughput of approximately 65 Mbs.
I use a Bay Networks 28115 hub and I used netperf to do my network analysis.
Also, I am still using Rev level 02 cards, so you should yield better results
than I have.

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